Behind the Scenes on a Portrait Shoot

This is a super inspirational woman! I met her months ago on Instagram, and she shared her story with me. She is a role model for self love, confidence and health after overcoming an eating disorder. "I am starting out in the crazy world of modelling to prove to myself I'm worth it and can be beautiful and creative but also to prove to all the disbelievers and cruel people that I am worth more than their negativity." You rock!! Go girl, we are cheering for you!

Thanks so much to Emma Curtis & Sheryl Hyde (the glam squad).

To follow her: Instagram @faithless_neon



Lower Hutt Portrait Shoot- Behind the Scenes with Helen

I got to photograph Helen for her birthday and it was fantastic! Helen is one of the most passionate, excitable and bold people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. When you are with her time stops, and before you even notice, 4 hours have flown by. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out and I'm so glad I got to photograph her and that she trusted me enough to do so <3 A big thank you to Sheryl Hyde for makeup.

Portrait Shoot with Teesh- Behind the Scenes

Wowee Teesh! When I met her I knew I had to photograph her, and as expected she was an absolute dream to work with. Beautiful, fun, relaxed but with a fierceness and ferociousness that totally translated into her portraits. It's when people are still that you see their true character, and I love that we captured it!  The foxy makeup artist is Natalia from Ahurei Beauty. Thanks to both of you for being part of such a fantastic shoot that was so good for my soul <3 XX

Portrait Shoot with Jo- Behind the Scenes


When she saw herself in the mirror, we asked her how she felt. "Sexy," she said. How awesome! Jo was fabulous to photograph. She is someone who has blossomed before my eyes and it was so fun to be able to capture outwardly all the incredibleness that is inward. Jo you were incredible and you look so so beautiful! Of course my super amazing sidekick Natalia from Ahurei Beauty was on hair and makeup, thank you so much for making Jo feel so gorgeous.

Portrait Shoot with Coco- Behind the Scenes

What an incredible shoot! Coco's energy fills the room, and Natalia and I had such a fantastic time with her! Coco is an amazing business owner, a wife and a Mum, and she took some time for herself to feel beautiful. Check it out here. 

Makeup & hair by Ahurei Beauty.


Come behind the scenes on our beautiful shoot with Emma. Emma is the first one to give you a big hug, ask how you are, and she lights up every room she is in. Emma is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, and it meant so much to me that we could give her a chance to feel beautiful when she does so much for everyone around her! 

Thanks so much to Sheryl Hyde for makeup and Em for doing your own hair :D

Portrait Shoot/ Lower Hutt/ Bhavika

I have been staring at Bhavika across the table of our networking group for about a year, wishing that I would get the chance to photograph her. My dreams came true, and for a special birthday she came into the studio to be pampered by the dream team. She is absolutely stunning <3 Thanks so much to my amazing friends, Yvonne at Studio 101 and Natalia of Ahurei Beauty for making the whole experience so much fun. X

Garden Photo Shoot- Paekakariki

People look the best when they feel relaxed, so we decided to take some photos of Daisy at her home! 

As soon as I saw her in the garden it made total sense. Daisy is an amazing naturopath, and the garden fit her perfectly (also the chickens ;) ). Check it out here, beautiful light, beautiful people.

Massive thanks to my little squad Natalia of Ahurei Beauty for perfect makeup and Ashleigh for your mad video skills :)


Seatoun Wellington Maternity Shoot

Come behind the scenes on a recent maternity session in Seatoun, Wellington!

This gorgeous couple are welcoming their first baby in one month, and I got to spend some time with them on a windy Wellington afternoon documenting the start of their family.

Maternity Shoot & Family Shoot/ Kapiti

What a shoot! Photographing Lesley in the most beautiful red dress in the woods awoke something within me. I felt such a passion to photograph Mama's to be in a creative, colourful and fun way where they can be directed and posed in the most flattering ways. I believe in laughter during a shoot and we did a lot of that! Check out Lesley's behind the scenes video and some of my favourite Portraits from the shoot.

Thanks to Natalia Spooner of Ahurei Beauty for the sweet makeup and hair styling <3

Porirua Garden Wedding/Vicky & Damien

My most favourite part of each wedding is the originality. I love the personal, sentimental and meaningful touches that each couple incorporates into their day.

Vicky & Damien did this so well! On New Year's Eve they had an intimate wedding at their home, with their closest family and friends. We then went off site for some photos afterwards and they headed off to their reception. Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be, there really are very few actual rules :)

I wanted to share some of their day with you.

Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
BeFunky Collage3-2.jpg
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
 An actual cheese cake!!

An actual cheese cake!!

Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings
Monica Ferguson Photography Weddings

Maternity Shoot/Wellington/Milk Bath

Boy I looooove it when a plan comes together. So much of photography is an experiment, and at each shoot you can never really know what's going to happen. You just have to have faith that it will all work out! I met Lesley through a business network and always loved her sense of humour and her down to earth nature. 

I was so excited to be able to help celebrate her new baby with a fun and colourful photo shoot which we did at her home. Check out the behind the scenes and some of the finished portraits here! 

When I broke my promise...

He took me out to dinner and told me, “you broke your promise.” My stomach dropped.

I knew he was right, and it was the brutal truth that I didn’t want to hear out loud, but there it was.

We had promised that we would always take care of ourselves, and me working 40 hours a week in another job and devoting every single second of my remaining time to photography (at least 25 hours a week) was absolutely a serious breach of that promise.

That’s the thing about Stevie though, he is gentle but honest. Always. He gently helps to nudge and guide me, picks me up when I need it, holds me accountable and calls me out when I need it.

He said “you’re going to go home tonight and quit your other job.” I panicked. “What about money? What will we do?” I asked.

He just looked at me. That look that reminds me that I already know the answer. The look that reminds me to activate faith not fear.

“Everything always works out,” he said. And you know what? He was totally right 💖

Monica Ferguson Photography

Creative Photo Shoot, Kapiti

Woop woop! I loooooove creative collaborations, especially with the incredible Natalia Spooner from Ahurei Beauty.

This photo shoot included face jewels, temporary tattoos, epic makeup, tulle skirts, barefeet, wading in the sea and sunset in Kapiti! All of my favourite things!

Check out the behind the scenes video here of Charlotte & Anna's shoot, and then tune back in to see the finished result ;)