The Power of Photographs.

Eight years ago today, my little brother Fergus passed away. It still shocks me to say that out loud, like a part of me still doesn't believe it actually happened, but then occasionally it creeps up on me and it's so real that I can barely take it.  At Fergus' funeral, I pretty much blacked out the entire thing. The one thing I remember is the slideshow. The many photographs that documented his dorky personality, his happiness, and his love for us as well as how much we loved him. I remember feeling so proud to be his sister, and I still do.

We have these photographs of him because a) he wasn't shy or insecure, and b) we had cameras! They were cheap digital ones but it doesn't matter, it means now that he exists in photographs for us. We didn't have a chance to go and say goodbye, and get a professional shoot taken, and that's the biggest thing I have learned from losing him. We must live, properly, and live without the expectation that there is more time and more opportunities. Our relationships and the people in our life are the most important thing! What if we don't get a chance to say goodbye, what remains? The photos we have of him and videos of him dancing like Happy Feet mean everything.

I so often hear people say that they are not photogenic. To who? And is that a reason to not exist in photographs? The people who love you don't care that you have a wrinkle, and chances are no one even noticed! They're not scanning photographs for flaws, they are admiring the person they love in the photograph, you. 

It matters so much to me that we document our lives, our happiness and our relationships with everyone. It matters so much that I quit my job, studied Photography and am now building a business so that everyone can have what I have, and give what I have received.

And now, I challenge you to start somewhere. Your Mum, your boyfriend, your pet rock, whatever it is that matters to you. If you need someone to help prove to you that you are photogenic, remind you that you are perfect exactly as you are, or help you to celebrate your life and your relationships, let me know. Monica X P.S, below is a photo of Fergus and I taken about 9 years ago.