Follow your heart, then what?


As I was walking down the beach one morning this week, I was listening to a song (one that I won't mention for fear of judgement :p). In the song she was singing about following your heart, and it got me thinking. Firstly, I totally agree! Definitely follow your heart. I am always seeing quotes and things sent around on Facebook that talk about how life is too short, and how we should follow our dreams. I want to find the people who are actually following through though, because they have a different perspective. In movies and songs and stories, following your heart is presented as a happily ever after notion. Like, once you meet your soulmate everything is great, or once you start your business you've made it, or once you sing in front of a crowd you're there. I feel like, following your heart is the beginning. Following it is one thing, and usually involves some massive faith/fear/vomiting/passing out. What if your business fails? What if they don't love you back? What if you hate the new country you're moving to? But the commitment and courage of people who push through in spite of fear and obstacles are the real heroes. Facebook can be so dangerous as well, because mostly people aren't honest. They show you this glamorous side, holidays, events, perfect photographs and leave out the anxiety, fear, lack of money, total self doubt and insecurity. Then we expect things to be perfect, and they're not! Starting and running a business is hard! And you have to have so much faith in yourself. Learning to love someone and have them love you back, is hard. Managing your lives, as individuals and a couple, meeting expectations as well as those from family and friends is hard, and making sure you both get what you need out of life is hard. But don't get me wrong, it's worth it. The challenges create beauty, strength and evolution. We aren't meant to sit in a boring 9-5, hate it then eat our TV dinner every night and complain about our lives. Everyone has something in them that makes their eyes sparkle when they talk about it! What's your passion? I realised today how often I feel nervous, and that's because I'm out of my comfort zone.  Meeting rooms full of strangers, speaking, singing, just being in front of people is terrifying. But every step gets me closer to my goal. What have you done lately that was following your dream? I would love to hear about it! Monica X