When I broke my promise...

He took me out to dinner and told me, “you broke your promise.” My stomach dropped.

I knew he was right, and it was the brutal truth that I didn’t want to hear out loud, but there it was.

We had promised that we would always take care of ourselves, and me working 40 hours a week in another job and devoting every single second of my remaining time to photography (at least 25 hours a week) was absolutely a serious breach of that promise.

That’s the thing about Stevie though, he is gentle but honest. Always. He gently helps to nudge and guide me, picks me up when I need it, holds me accountable and calls me out when I need it.

He said “you’re going to go home tonight and quit your other job.” I panicked. “What about money? What will we do?” I asked.

He just looked at me. That look that reminds me that I already know the answer. The look that reminds me to activate faith not fear.

“Everything always works out,” he said. And you know what? He was totally right 💖

Monica Ferguson Photography