About me

After losing my younger brother suddenly and unexpectedly, I learned the value and importance of existing in photographs. What I discovered was that most people really dislike being photographed, and so I have made it my mission to create a safe place for people to come and celebrate who they are. It is an extremely powerful experience to see yourself in a beautiful portrait, and it is something that I want everyone to be able to have.

I am passionate about photographing women in particular because I understand what it is like to feel unworthy and uncomfortable in my own skin.  After working with many women I became so determined to show them a version of themselves that they couldn’t see on their own. It is my job to make you photogenic, not yours.

So many people do not feel good enough to be photographed, and more than anything I want to show you that you are. You are good enough right now, and you owe it to yourself, and to those who love you to capture that in photographs. One day photographs will be all that remain, so it is so important for our loved ones that we take the time to capture ourselves in photographs. It is my absolute intention to show you how beautiful you are – to help you reconnect with the woman in your portraits and be awed by her.

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My studio is at 408 Hutt Road, Unit 5, Alicetown Lower Hutt.