Portrait Photography is story telling. The key is, figuring out what you want to say. I was on my knees in a lavender field at sunset looking up at Mel and feeling all sorts of things when I saw her looking like this. Before shoots I will always get some sort of inspiration. Sometimes it’s a word, a colour, a place, a dress, a song, whatever. The whole time we were planning this shoot the word I had in mind was ‘magnificent.’ These images are about coming into your own magnificence, realising your power and going for it. In a way, it’s about surrendering to who you are rather than what other people have told you to be or have expected you to be. When I was talking to the also magnificent Charlotte Wilson Beauty, it didn’t surprise me in the least that she started to talk about a similar theme when we were creating this look. Charlotte and Mel, you are extraordinary and you have completely blown my mind. Thank you so much to Jan at Lavender Abbey in Carterton for allowing us use of your beautiful field.